Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spring-DM and OSGi Service Proxy

I've been evaluating spring-dm over equinox for some time now. If your project already has invested in Spring then Spring-DM provides support for injecting dependencies across bundles and manages tx across bundle boundaries.

However the main feature of Spring-DM that I find actually useful is Springs support for OSGi services. Spring adds support for declarative publishing of services and consuming them. Any spring created bean can be published to the service registry using the xml tag osgi:service. Any service from the service registry can be references using the xml tag osgi:reference.

When you refer a service using osgi:reference, spring-dm creates a proxy over the service and injects the proxy into your code. This proxy protects the users of the service from the lifecycle of the service. So if the underlying service goes down, your code need not be aware that it should look up and bind to a new service.

The proxy is either a jdk dynamic proxy or a cglib proxy depending on whether the service has an interface or not. This proxy has a number of interceptors like transaction etc. Imagine the underlying service goes down, the next call to the proxy would trigger the proxy to check if service is up. If service is down, the proxy will block the call for a 'timeout' period at end of which a service unavailable exception is thrown. When a new service that matches the service for which the proxy is created, is registered, this proxy binds to that service and sends all queued requests to that proxy. Voila, your code is blissfully unaware a service went down and came up again.

However things are not all rosy. A couple of issues i faced

1) If the bundle that has the proxies is refreshed, the currently executing method throws an exception with message "service proxy destroyed". There is no way around this. Any new request that comes through would work fine.
2) We cannot add a custom interceptor to spring created proxy since it says configuration is frozen. So I had to create a proxy on top of springs proxy to add my custom interceptor. This is a fairly common case and should have been possible.

PS: The custom interceptor was created to transparently handle the service proxy destroyed issue.

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